Brownies, Blondies, & Bars

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  • Fudge Brownie: Our elevated version of a traditional brownie.

    Biscoff Brownie: Our classic fudge brownie, with luscious swirls of cookie butter and biscoff bits.

    Brookie Brownie: Our chocolate chunk cookie batter and fudge brownie swirled to perfection

    PB Swirl Brownie: Chocolate and peanut butter swirled together to make this delicious treat.

    Rocky Road Brownie: A delicious mixture of marshmallow, toasted walnut and chocolate fudge.

    Gloria Squares: A family secret, the perfect mixture of sugar cookie and chocolate cheesecake.

    Chocolate Chip Blondie: Our classic delicious recipe, with gourmet chocolate folded in.

    Pecan Blondie: Delectable blondie with toasted pecans folded into the batter.

    Swirl Blondie: The perfect mixture of blondie and brownie baked together to create this masterpiece.