Easter Platters

Mini Tart Platter
- An assortment of lemon curd, fresh fruit, and chocolate tarts

Cookie Platter:
-Assorted cookies, decorated/themed for Easter & Spring celebrations

Petit Four (Mini Cakes) Platter:
-Assorted Easter and Springtime favorites (Limoncello, Funfetti, Coconut Cream, Carrot, Hummingbird)

Brownies & Blondies Platter:
-Assorted Easter-themed brownies & blondies, as well as a few of your traditional favorites!
(Cadbury Egg, Bunny Blondies, Reese's Egg Brownie, Swirly Girl)


Breakfast Pastry Platter:
-An assortment of danish, loaf bread, cinnamon rolls, and palmiers.


Chef's Choice Platter:
-An assortment of all the platters above (and a little something extra special)


Easter Platters